Sleep Apnea

Some individuals have difficulty sleeping do to obstructive sleep apnea. During periods of sleep, the patient stops breathing for many seconds causing a lack of oxygen and an accumulation of carbon dioxide. This can cause high blood pressure, organ failure and lead to other major medical problems. Loud snoring is often noted. Frequent arousal from a sound sleep makes the patient feel tired during the day and can cause irritability, a lack of focus, and general malaise.

Dr. Cox can reposition the structures that block the airway and cause the apnea. Orthognathic surgery is very successful in curing this condition by giving more support to the tongue and the airway allowing the patient to breathe freely during sleep with no or minimal snoring. At the initial consultation, Dr. Cox will perform a detailed analysis of a patient’s apnea by reviewing a sleep study and special radiographs as well as a physical examination. A treatment plan will be generated and discussed with the patient that includes visual images of the patient’s face and jaw structures.
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